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Find Best in Rishikesh
Explore the AMAZING sights, cafes, activities, and experiences in Rishikesh.

Experience Thrilling Adventure Activities

Slow down for a moment and get yourself all charged up to experience the most thrilling activities at Rishikesh. Grab the opportunity where adventure can take you anywhere from a remote mountain top to the nature's heart.

Born to paddle, take your saddle

Ride the Rapids of Adventure

Get wet and wild with excitement as you ride down the river waves by allowing the cool water to brush you. Take controls of the currents in the river and experience the adrenalline rush with the passing of each strong wave...

Explore the Exotic Destinations in Rishikesh

Uncover the Hidden Gems and Attractions in the Spiritual Capital of Rishikesh. Tranquilizing natural beauty, architectural marvels, grand heritage temples, and a never-ending list of adventure activities - Rishikesh is a platterful of two opposite worlds...

Find your Zen in Rishikesh

Yoga Capital of the World

Experience the ultimate yoga journey in the heart of Rishikesh. From beginners to advanced practitioners, deepen your yoga practice with experienced teachers & exiting yoga retreats...

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Rishikesh

Discover the cultural heart of Rishikesh through its dynamic events and festivals. From classical music concerts to vibrant traditional dances, immerse yourself in the local customs and traditions. Whether you're a local or a visitor, join the celebration and experience the richness of Rishikesh's culture.

Cherish the Moments, Embrace the Memories

Joyful Events Packed with Fun

Escape the city noise and immerse yourself in a serene natural setting for an unforgettable evening full of adventure and relaxation...

Discover the serenity beyond the city

Discover the beauty of nature and tranquility of the countryside around Rishikesh. These places offer a peaceful escape from the chaos of the city and provide opportunity to experience local culture and tradition.