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Take a Leap of faith with Zip-Lining in Rishikesh!

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Zip Lining highlights

  • Duration: 45 minutes approx.
  • Minimum age required: 8 Years
  • Minimum weight allowed: 30 Kg
  • Maximum weight allowed: 85 Kg
  • Timing: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Zip Lining overview

Ziplining is one of the must-do experiences in this serene and picturesque city among the abundance of adventure activities and things to do in Rishikesh. In this pastime, a person is attached to a cable that allows them to move from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable while being pulled by gravity. It is one of the most thrilling adventure activities in Rishikesh, and hundreds of people take part in it each year. The safety briefing and demo zip are included in the 45–60 minute trip duration. Take part in the longest zipline in Uttarakhand, which runs above the sacred Ganges' white-knuckle rapids. Enjoy the activity while it is being carried out under the supervision of highly-trained instructors to give your adventurous side a breath of fresh air.

Ideal season for Zip Lining in Rishikesh

In reality, any season of the year is ideal for zip lining in Rishikesh. It is advised that you stay away from Rishikesh's adventure sports during the monsoon season since they might be affected by the intense rain or wind. Additionally, you won't be able to participate in any other adventurous activities in Rishikesh during the rainy season.

Zip Lining Highlights

  • Experience the rush as you glide from one location to another by accelerating to a speed of 160 kmph.
  • The activity will be supervised by a qualified instructor to ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.
  • Experience the thrill of the 350-meter-long longest zipline in Rishikesh
  • The white-water rapids of the Ganga river below are the zipline's major appeal. It will take you past some tall trees and endless vegetation.
  • Only a little period of time will pass throughout the journey, so take in the scenery from all angles.You should expect to spend around 45 minutes getting everything done, starting with check-in.
  • Make sure to reserve in advance because walk-in visitors cannot be guaranteed a space.
  • Be there at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time.

How to Reach

  • By Car: The particular site of the activity is at Shivpuri, which is 14.6 kilometres from the heart of Rishikesh. With the assistance of both public and private transportation, you can get there with ease.
  • By Bus: Laxman Jhula bus terminal, which is 10 kilometres away from the activity area, is the closest bus stop. You may easily get to the activity area by using any public or private means of transportation.
  • By Train: The closest train station, approximately 40 kilometres from Rishikesh, is the Haridwar Railway Station. You may simply go to Rishikesh via an intercity local roads bus or any other private method of transportation.
  • Twenty minutes from Rishikesh's main centre lies Camp Panther, where ziplining is available. Along with evaluations about ziplining in Rishikesh, Google Maps makes it simple to locate this facility.

Essential information for Zip Lining in Rishikesh

  • Any person who is found unfit to participate in the activity may be rejected by the instructor.
  • Weather conditions may cause the activity to be postponed or delayed. In this case, the next ideal time slot will be disclosed.
  • Due to the activity's severe time constraints, timings must be adhered very rigorously.
  • Any item breakage or damage will be invoiced at real cost.
  • For safety reasons, this activity is not advised for pregnant mothers, people who have undergone major surgery, people who have broken arms or legs, or those who have persistent back or neck discomfort.

Additional information for Zip Lining in Rishikesh

  • The minimum age and weight requirements are 8 years old and 30 kg and 85 kg, respectively.
  • At check-in, each visitor must present identification evidence. PAN cards won't be accepted as acceptable address evidence.
  • When arriving, all foreign nationals are required to provide information about their passports and visas.
  • The hours of operation are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Tips for Zip Lining

  • Pay close attention while your coach instructs you on ziplining techniques. Ziplining in Rishikesh is a whole different experience, even if you've done it before.
  • For your own safety, be sure to let the instructor know if you have a fear of heights or any other pre-existing medical issues.
  • Make sure your attire is appropriate for the setting. Avoid wearing loose clothing since it might flutter in the wind and hurt others. Also, because the zipline moves quickly, it is important to wear warm clothes, such as a jacket.
  • Avoid wearing flip-flops or sandals. They are unreliable because they could make you slip when you land. When you're on the line, you also run the danger of losing your balance. The ideal footwear for this is lace-up footwear.
  • It is required to wear safety gear given by the organisation, such as mittens and helmets. You won't be able to participate if you won't follow the safety rules.
  • On your journey, avoid bringing any valuables like keys, phones, jewellery, or other unsecured items. It would be quite difficult to locate them if they were to escape from your pockets.
  • You won't be allowed in if you're physically unfit for the zipline or are visibly intoxicated when you arrive.

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