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Journey to the Self through Yoga

Gurukul Yogashala overview

Gurukul Yogashala is dedicated to reviving the ancient Gurukul Pratha in the modern world. Our vision is to produce proficient yogis and practitioners who can continue the tradition of Yog Sadhna (Yoga Practice) and share their knowledge (Yoga Vidya) with future generations. This way, the ancient knowledge of yoga can continue to benefit mankind.

Our founder, Yogi Arvind, laid the cornerstone of Gurukul Yogashala in his heart long ago. In 2019, his dream became a reality, and we have been carrying out our mission of imparting the knowledge of Vedic Yogic Vidya ever since. As a result, we have become one of the best yoga schools in India.

At Gurukul Yogashala, our highly experienced and certified mentors guide aspiring yogis at every step of their learning journey. We aim to educate students to gain spiritual wisdom through yogic practices and become balanced and disciplined yogis.

Many of our students have already succeeded in their yogic approach and are now passionately and confidently instructing others. We are committed to continuing our legacy of imparting authentic yogic knowledge to produce capable and knowledgeable yoga teachers.

Our Vison

At Gurukul Yogashala, our aim is to impart the ancient knowledge of "Yoga Vidya" in a way that empowers our students to actively contribute to the progress of humanity. We blend the spiritual teachings of Vedas and Upanishads with the Yoga Sutras to awaken our students to multiple perspectives on life, leading to a rebirth as a Yogi. Our methods draw strength from the unyielding Himalayan Mountains and the River Ganga herself, both unwavering in their vigor.

Gurukul Yogashala is a modest dwelling for yoga, where discipline and steadfastness are honed with a touch of culture and a wave of tradition. It is nestled among several excellent and divine sites of worship in Rishikesh, frequently referred to as Tapobhoomi or the "Land of Meditation" in Vedic literature. It is believed that the vibrations of the spiritual practices of ancient sages still resonate in this land, offering peace and clarity to all who reside here.

Our vision is supported by a highly skilled team of yoga instructors, including our founder Yogi Arvind Ji, who is trained in 500-hour E-RYT by experienced yoga teachers from one of India's oldest institutions in Rishikesh.

Gurukul Yogashala Location

GURUKUL YOGASHALA, Hidden Waterfall Street,Upper Tapovan,Rishikesh, 249137, India

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